Volunteer in Paradise: Contributing to Conservation Efforts on Havelock Island with Eco Villa and Eco Diver


Nestled in the azure waters of the Bay of Bengal, Havelock Island in the Andamans is a tropical haven that beckons adventure seekers, nature lovers, and those with a passion for sustainable living. Embracing the ethos of responsible tourism, Eco Villa Resort and Eco Diver India extend a heartfelt invitation to global citizens willing to make a positive impact through volunteerism. This unique opportunity offers a chance to contribute to various aspects of island life, from reception and marketing to environmental surveys and construction projects.

The Call for Volunteers:

Eco Villa Resort and Eco Diver India are spearheading a transformative initiative aimed at engaging volunteers in diverse roles that contribute to the overall sustainability and growth of Havelock Island. The call goes out to individuals across the globe, transcending barriers of nationality and language, united by a shared dedication to environmental conservation and community development.

Opportunities for Volunteering:

  1. Reception and Marketing: Volunteers will play a vital role in ensuring a warm and welcoming atmosphere for guests at the resort. This includes handling check-ins, providing information about eco-friendly practices, and participating in marketing initiatives to promote responsible tourism.
  2. Plastic Pollution Survey: With the rise of environmental concerns, volunteers will actively participate in surveys aimed at assessing and mitigating plastic pollution on Havelock Island. The data collected will contribute to ongoing conservation efforts.
  3. Village Resort Gardening: Engage in sustainable gardening practices to enhance the natural beauty of the island and promote self-sufficiency. Volunteers will work alongside local communities, fostering a collaborative environment.
  4. Cooking: Immerse yourself in the local culinary scene by assisting in the preparation of sustainable and locally sourced meals. Learn about traditional recipes while contributing to the overall gastronomic experience for guests.
  5. Construction of Eco Houses: Get hands-on experience in the construction of eco-friendly structures, contributing to the development of sustainable infrastructure on the island. This project aligns with the commitment to reducing the ecological footprint.
  6. Sustainable Vegetable Cultivation: Engage in hands-on farming activities, learning and implementing sustainable techniques for vegetable cultivation. This includes organic farming, companion planting, and water conservation methods.

Practical Details:

Volunteers are required to dedicate a minimum of six hours a day, six days a week, allowing for a balanced experience that combines meaningful work and leisure. In return for their efforts, volunteers will be provided with food, accommodation, and limited scuba diving opportunities, allowing them to explore the mesmerizing underwater world surrounding Havelock Island.


This volunteering experience transcends typical eco-tourism; it becomes a holistic journey of immersion in sustainable living. By actively participating in vegetable cultivation, volunteers contribute to the island’s self-sufficiency while learning valuable skills that can be applied globally. Join Eco Villa Resort and Eco Diver India in cultivating sustainability on Havelock Island – an endeavor that leaves a lasting legacy of responsible tourism and ecological harmony.

For further details and to express your interest, contact info@havelock.co.in. Become a steward of sustainability in paradise!