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At Eco Villa Resort and Eco Diver India Pvt. Ltd, we are thrilled to present our exclusive Eco Adventure Membership Program. This program is designed to reward our loyal customers who have experienced our services before, and to provide them with incredible benefits on their future adventures.

How does it work?

Eligibility: To be eligible for the Eco Adventure Membership Program, you must have previously availed any service offered by either Eco Villa Resort or Eco Diver India Pvt. Ltd. This could include staying at Eco Villa Resort, participating in scuba diving excursions, or any other adventure we provide.

Benefits of the Membership Program:

  1. 15% Discount on Scuba Diving Anywhere in India: As a member, you will enjoy a fantastic 10% discount on all scuba diving activities organized by Eco Diver India Pvt. Ltd. Whether you wish to explore the pristine reefs of the Andaman Islands, the vibrant marine life of the Lakshadweep Islands, or any other diving destination in India, your membership will make it more affordable and accessible.
  2. 30% Discount on Eco Villa Resort: Planning to unwind in the lap of nature at Eco Villa Resort? Your membership entitles you to an exclusive 30% discount on accommodation bookings at our beautiful eco-friendly resort. Embrace the serenity of our lush surroundings, indulge in delicious organic meals, and experience nature at its best without breaking the bank.

Membership Privileges:

  1. Personalized Adventure Recommendations: Our members will receive personalized adventure recommendations based on their preferences. Whether you’re an avid scuba diver, nature enthusiast, or seeking a relaxing getaway, we will curate the perfect experience for you.
  2. Early Access to Promotions and Events: As a valued member, you will be granted early access to our promotions, special offers, and exciting events. Stay ahead of the crowd and secure your spot for the most sought-after adventures.
  3. Priority Booking and Flexible Cancellation: We understand that plans may change, which is why our members will enjoy priority booking privileges and flexible cancellation policies. Your adventure plans will always be stress-free and easy to manage.

Joining the Eco Adventure Membership Program:

Existing customers who meet the eligibility criteria will be automatically enrolled in the membership program. For new customers, all you need to do is avail of any of our services, and you’ll become eligible for the program, unlocking a world of discounts and benefits.

At Eco Villa Resort and Eco Diver India Pvt. Ltd, we are committed to providing unforgettable adventures and promoting eco-friendly tourism across India. The Eco Adventure Membership Program is our way of expressing gratitude to our loyal patrons and encouraging them to continue exploring the wonders of nature with us.

Embark on your next adventure with us and let the thrill of scuba diving and the tranquility of Eco Villa Resort create memories that will last a lifetime. Join the Eco Adventure Membership Program today!